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Sponsor frequent email blasts with Ads that will increase your brand awareness. You can chose to sponsor up to three focus groups for maximum exposure.

Face to Face

Sponsor a Focus Group Meeting and give a 5 min commercial at the beginning of the meeting. Then you can pass out literature and business cards to each attendee.

Communicate with People

Monthly, quarterly and yearly sponsorship of Focus Group email blasts are available and help your company get your brand out in front of thousands of potential investors.

74,290+ Users in our database

Becoming a Network Vendor gives you the inside track to success.

Network Vendor Program

Network Vendors enjoy many benefits. You get access to an audience of real estate investors that includes more than 30,000 in our total data base.

We have years of experience delivering targeted advertising to Real Estate Investors in the Metroplex using the web, email, and print.

Becoming a Network Vendor gives you the inside track to success.

Network Vendors provides 3 FREE events to the investor community each month. We also offer 3-4 paid educational events each month.

You are welcome to sponsor and attend these events. We will be getting you more details as our plans firm up for each event.

We would love for you to help promote our events to investors and other affiliates that you would recommend.

All of our vendors are always recommended to the attendees during events and inquiries.

We are proud of the organization that we have created, but we are always open to suggestions to improve and grow. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

Who is behind Network Vendors?

Cathy Crowe-League has been a licensed Realtor since 1989. She has help hundreds of families sell and find new homes.

Since 1990, Cathy has worked with investors with single family rehabs, rental properties and multi-family properties. She started buying houses in 1990 for both wholesale and rehabbing for retail. Through the years she has wholesaled over 1000 houses, rehabbed over 300 houses, sold over 100 notes, and held numerous rental properties at various times. As a realtor she has participated in the sale of over 100 multi-family properties, package deals of single houses (2-150) and multiple listings of properties of all sizes and price ranges.

In 2001, Cathy flipped 243 houses before our national tragedy.  In 2002, she started DFWREIN (Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network) that taught and over 8000 investors until July 2008 when she sold the company. During those years Cathy had monthly speaker meetings with a vendor fair, held daily classes (M-S), personally coached over 1000 investors, hosted an interactive website, and had a real estate investor center for the classes and networking.

Cathy Crowe-League is a master at networking. She built an organization with thousands of investor from 2002-2008. She makes an effort to meet new people all the time and is always trying to make connections. She will show you how to network your way to success in real estate investing!

Cathy has a team of agents working with her that will strive to exceed your expectations on buying or selling real estate. We are a dedicated team with years of experience that will work diligently on your needs.

If you are looking to buy a home for yourself to live in or to invest in, please give us a call! If you are looking to sell your property, give us a call for a no obligation analysis.

Call her at 972-807-9754 or email at [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Below are some of our featured and upcoming events and email blasts that are available for sponsorship. Hurry before they are gone!


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